Festival Introduces Guestpass by Donation. Raises $15,000 for LIFELINE

March 1, 2023


Each year, the festival hosts over 20,000 people in Gisborne to celebrate New Years. Of that, approximately 700 guest tickets are issued each year via competition winners, sponsor tickets or artist guest passes.  We saw this as an opportunity, and through the use of ticketing technology, we were able turn these ticket into helping save lives via a Guest Pass by Donation.

Recipients of “Free Tickets” were required to donate $20 in order to redeem their Guest Pass by Donation to Rhythm and Vines. This initiative saw the festival help raise $15,000 for charity LIFELINE, whom provide a 24hr phone helpline service for people in need.

LIFELINE Fundraising Manager Dominic Boekweit says “$15,000 is awesome and means an awful lot to us. That will cover the cost of 600 calls that come through to our 24/7 helpline”.

Each day we speak to 8 – 10 people who are at a high risk of taking their own lives. So with no doubt a number of the calls the festival have helped fund will be life saving ones”.

Kyle Bell, Head of Marketing and Partnerships says “I'm proud of what we have done here, putting to use what traditionally would go to waste. The initiative was well-received, with some even willing to pay more than the required $20 donation."

Thanks to everyone who donated including sponsors George FM, MAI FM, Eventbrite, Corona, Red Bull who contributed towards the initiative.

This year, the festival are looking to build on the process, and have also added a donation option to ticket buyers who wish to support the charity while buying their tickets.

If you need help, call 0800 LIFELINE (543354) or TXT 4357. For more about LIFELINE and the work they do, head to www.lifeline.org