Some of the Best Performances from R&V 2018

December 17, 2019

We recently brought you all the goodness from the best of our fan recorded footage. This week, we bring to you videos that won’t make your eyes as sore! Our stage production team Lotech and Wavefront were kind enough to capture performances from some of the best local and international acts. 


Josie Moon graced the main stage after her breakout 2018 which saw her break onto the scene with her debut EP, ‘Rose Tinted’. Based in Wellington, the indie-pop songstress made the trip up to Gisbourne for some late afternoon festivities on the main stage. Here she eases the crowd into the day with performances of ‘Baby’ and ‘97 (Hurt)’. 


Vince Staples was our hip-hop headliner to see in the New Year. The Cali MC put on a production masterpiece with his unique visuals backing his energetic performance. Seen here performing stand-out hit ‘Norf Norf’ and his Major Lazer remixed ‘Ghost’, the R&V crowd were feeling this one for their final moments of 2018.


JessB has been a regular of R&V for the past few years and its hard to not have her back. Packed with bright colours and vibrant motifs, JessB has always brought her own unique energy to the stage. This time flanked by tracksuit clad dancers, JessB keeps that same energy performing two tracks including the Rubi Du featuring ‘Take It Down’. 


Drax Project’s unique style has made them a must-see live performance act. Bridging genres, the four piece create a blend of jazz, R&B and pop infused bops. If you missed them this year, lucky for you we’re bringing you 12 whole minutes of their set from this past 2018 festival. 


Cassie Henderson (or Cassi according to our stage graphics guy) brought her own toned down performance to the main stage, accompanied by her trusty guitar she eased the crowd into what would be a packed line up. Putting her own spin on OutKast’s classic ‘Hey Ya!’, Cassie was able to get the crowd pumped up for the rest of the day. 


Eno x Dirty have always brought memorable performances around Aoteroa, so naturally we stoked to have them on the main stage last year. The MC and producer duo never fail to bring the energy or memorable quotes. ‘I’M DRINKING WATER OUT OF A CAN!’, exclaims Dirty mid-set referring to R&V’s effort to be more sustainable. Here they perform ‘Gimme’ & ‘Nobody Knows’ from their 2017 album ‘Evil Adventures & Happy Endings’.