Some of the Best Fan-Filmed Footage of Rhythm and Vines

December 17, 2019


You may have seen recently our high-quality, fancy recaps (Cheers Lotech) of performances from the likes of Vince Staples, Sachi, Eno x Dirty and JessB. It’s hard not be taken back to each memorable performance. However sometimes our punters capture a whole different side to the performances. Below are a compilation of some of the best videos straight from the pit. Maybe it was filmed a flip phone, maybe an iPhone, maybe even a potato. Regardless of what it was filmed on, you get a true sense of being there with some of these fan-filmed videos.

The Kooks - 2008

Sometimes our electronic acts overshadow the legendary rock acts we’ve had over the years. English rockers, The Kooks graced our stage in 2008 with a wild performance. As seen here, frontman Luke Pritchard gave the crowd more than they expected when he took to the front row. Luckily mattsfr3 was there to capture the final moments of The Kooks set. 

N.E.R.D - 2010

Fast forward 2 years later, Gisborne welcomed iconic rap group N.E.R.D. Led by Pharrell Williams, the trio performed their 2001 hit ‘Lapdance’. Although we’re a bit further back compared to the last video, we can still get a taste of N.E.R.D’s first and only New Zealand performance nearly 10 years later. 

Pendulum - 2011

Pendulum made a name for themselves with their electronic, rock and D&B infused style. The Aussie group made a trip over the ditch a few years ago to show the R&V crowd what they were all about. Capturing not only their live set but their uniquely captivating and bizzare visuals to kick off their 2011 set.

Six 60 - 2012

Before they were they first New Zealand act to sell out Western Springs, Six60 were treating Gizzy crowds to their soulful jams. Here we’re up the hill a bit as we get a feel for the true kiwi classic ‘Roots’. 

Netsky - 2012

Netsky is pretty much a Gisborne resident at this point. The Belgium DJ and producer has performed 7 times at Rhythm and it would be hard to imagine him playing anywhere else?. As shown here in this performance from his third visit to R&V from the 2011/12 festival.

Wilkinson DJ Set - 2013

Another R&V faithful is Wilkinson. After bringing in the New Year’s last festival with his live set, Wilkinson was turning up 2013 with just the turntables. 

Wiz Khalifa - 2013

Wiz Khalifa made his first trip to Aotearoa to play R&V back in 2013. Coming off his momentous year it was time to bring all his smash hits to the main stage. Playing to packed out crowd he performed perhaps his most memorable song, ‘Black & Yellow’

Brazilbeat Soundsystem - 2014

In the corner of the festival, the forest scenery plays home for Cellar Stage. Blessed by the presence of some of the best house/techno/electronic DJs from around the world and Aotearoa. In 2014 the Cellar Stage featured local act Brazilbeat Sound System to showcase their infused electronic and afro-beat soundscape. Although we’re not quite in the pit, we can see the crowd going crazy to the international flavour that the group brought from B to G. Another interesting fact is Brazilbeat Soundsystem hold the record for most performances at Rhythm and Vines.

Yung Lean - 2015

This video of Yung Lean takes a bit of a different turn. Starting off in the front row, a helpful crew member assists this Yung Lean fan to get him an even better front and centre shot of the Swedish rapper performing ‘Ghost Town’. 

Getter - 2015

Getter is a jack of all trades. His experimental style of DJing has earned him touring slots since he was 17 traveling around the world ever since. Getter joined us for the 2016 festy and one punter never wanted to put the phone down as he captured a whole 29 minutes of his set. Not sure how he managed to keep his arm up the entire time, but we salute you for your service, Scott Brosnahan. 

MYLO - 2006

One of the first international acts to perform at Rhythm and Vines, scottish DJ MYLO performed on the Vines Stage in 2006. Definitely footage that was shot on a potato, but you can see festival founder Hamish Pinkham unable to control his dancing ways, hoping on stage to Drop the Pressure.

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