3 Easy Steps to a More Sustainable Rhythm and Vines

December 24, 2020

R&V is all about the vibes, the sun, the yarns, tunes and good times. However, to ensure we can continue delivering the best festival experience, we need to make sure we take care of the environment.

Therefore get amongst these super easy tips on how to reduce your environmental impact this festival season.

1. Hydrate like a hero and refill to keep plastic bottles out of the environment!

The thirst is real at R&V…. Empty* reusable water bottles are the way to go with FREE refill stations found everywhere at R&V.

GLOBELET REUSE WATER BOTTLES bottles are available to purchase onsite too. The REUSE water bottle is made in New Zealand. Both the bottle and the lid are polypropylene, making it a mono-material, 100% recyclable and of course dishwasher safe.

* Please note, that due to liquor licencing, you may be required to empty out your water bottle when entering into the festival and campgrounds (just to make sure you haven’t got something you shouldn’t have in there?)

Rhythm and Vines is Single Use Plastic Free event

  • Single Use Plastics are not sold at the festival.
  • All attendees are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles. Free water is provided onsite.
  • Pre-filled Globelet REUSE water bottles are also sold across the 5 general stores onsite.
  • Chilled canned still and sparkling water is sold at the bars

2. Rise above the trash peeps! Take everything in with you – and everything out!

Take everything in with you – and everything out! Be a legend and think about what you’re leaving behind - from the beaches, to the vines! Let’s not trash our beautiful Tairawhiti.

Thank you to our Bookatentcustomers. Our pre-setup tents will host 2700 out of the 15000 campers expected at Rhythm and Vines 2020. Slowly but surely, we are working towards our goal to eliminate Single-Use tents from our festival, and eventually other events.

Say no to Single Use Tents

  • In 2020, R&V launched bookatent.co.nz - a sustainable pre-setup tent solution offered to 2000 campers at Rhythm and Vines. Over 900 tents are pre-setup and ready to party. This is on top of the 300 Glamping, Tepee, Prem-Tent and Hub accommodation options already available.
  • It is estimated approximately 30% of tents that come to a festival are single use, meaning people have no intention of leaving the festival with their tent. Let's leave that mentality in the past.

3. Leave no trace!

Throughout the site, there are hundreds of recycling and rubbish bins. Ensure you put waste in the bins, and in the right bins!

However, there are some other tips for reducing landfill waste;

  1. Get creative! Check out your local tip’s second hand shops or charity shop for supplies.
  2. If you aren’t using a pre-set up tent. Be a happy camper and beg, borrow or buy a pre-loved camping gear this year and save some dollars at the same time.
  3. Ditch the wipes! Encourage your pals to use make-up remover or soap with reusable wipes or flannels (old school we know). Take a waterproof bag to keep them in, rinse between use and you’re good to go!


  • The majority of beverage consumption at Rhythm and Vines is canned product, therefore recycled.
  • For Wine and Cocktail consumption, we will be using Globelet Reusable cups. However, as extra COVID precautions we won't be washing onsite and redistributing washed cups into circulation. This year, we have ordered additional cups that will simply be taken away by the Globelet team.
  • We also have additional compostable cups available for wine and cocktail beverages.
  • All food vendors are required to use compostable cutlery and plates.

Play your part to ensure making New Zealand is the most liveable place in the world, and Rhythm and Vines the best festy in the world.