Rhythm and Vines

Waiohika Estate, Gisborne, NZ | 28-31 December 2018

WAIOHIKA ESTATE - The home of Rhythm and Vines

DECEMBER 29 - 31

THE shambles

PLAYS: 31 dec
STAGE: garden stage


Confining the music produced by The Shamblés to a singular genre would be like trying to describe what cuisine humans eat to aliens. Combining pop-bangers with soul, jazz and disco steez, let them take your eardrums on a space odyssey. The band is renowned for their jaw dropping live performances and they are truly a band to experience in the flesh.

With front man Max Gunn at the helm, The Shamblés have been sneakily laying down their new album at their secret recording escape. There are whispers that their fresh sounds are sounds that have never been heard before. 
After their Debut Album 'Hungry Planet' & nationwide sold out summer tour at the start of 2017, The Shamblés have garnered a dedicated following nationally & internationally with their fans clenching their daisy chains wanting more.

The Shamblés cannot wait to bringin the New Year at Rhythm & Vines.