Rhythm and Vines

Waiohika Estate, Gisborne, NZ | 28-31 December 2018

WAIOHIKA ESTATE - The home of Rhythm and Vines

DECEMBER 29 - 31


PLAYS: 31 dec
STAGE: vines stage


Auckland-based four piece, Racing, take rock and roll and inject it with a chemical haze so potent the listener is left both pleased and punished.

On The Bass EP, due out later this year, Racing brews a soup equal parts Can, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode, seasoned with the soulful melodies of classic Motown. At the EP’s core is the title track and first single, ‘The Bass’ - a perfect introduction to what will undoubtedly be a breakthrough year for the band. 

From the darkness of the late night dive bars where they cut their teeth, to playing Summer festivals across New Zealand, the four members of Racing have come together to create a massive sound that challenges anything from their collective musical past.