Glamping Package

Glamping Package

from 1,850.00

All Glamping packages include a Glamping Tent, 3 Day Vintage Club Premium Passes + access to R&V Onsite Camping from December 28th to January 1st.

  • 4 Person Glamping Package $3,100.00

  • 2 Person Glamping Package $1,850.00

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Your Rhythm and Vines Glamping Package Includes

  • 3 Day Vintage Club Premium Passes and access to Premium Camping facilities

  • 4 nights stay in your very own luxurious Glamping tent, from Dec 28th - Jan 1st

  • Spacious 2 and 4 Person sized Glamping tents, with bedding included.

  • Access to Premium toilets, showers and pamper tent

  • All packages include the added benefits of Vintage Club Premium at the festival such as Vintage Club VIP Bar, viewing platforms, priority queues and more.