Rhythm and Vines

Waiohika Estate, Gisborne, NZ | 28-31 December 2018

WAIOHIKA ESTATE - The home of Rhythm and Vines

DECEMBER 29 - 31


giggle and vines comedians

PLAYS: 29 dec - 31 dec
STAGE: garden stage


Simon Mckinney

Simon is one of NZs most multi-talented professional comedians. Simons unique skills have seen him become recognized as New Zealand's leading stand up impressionist and a much sought after comedian for both live, touring and corporate performances. His impressions of TV celebrities, the famous and infamous and of course his iconic kiwi characters, the "kiwi lady", "that drunk guy" are now so well recognised they themselves are mimicked by the NZ public.

At the 2011 NZ International Comedy Festival, Simon was nominated for the Festival's supreme award "The Fred" for his solo show "People".

He is also a past Billy T Award Nominee, 2007 winner of the NZ Comedy Guild "Best Male Comedian" and in 2010 received the "Reilly Comedy Award" from the Variety Artists of New Zealand.

will wood

Will Wood has been an actor and a radio host and after starting stand up comedy was picked as a 'Next Big Thing' and has since performed in Australia and Canada and appeared on a range of TV shows and radio stations. This year he has been making a name for himself performing on the reg at all of Auckland's top comedy venues.


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david correos

A meteoric act in the NZ comedy scene, the Filipino comic recently won the 2016 Billy T James award.

David grew up in Christchurch and after deciding stand up comedy and performing arts was the career he wanted to pursue, David moved to Auckland in 2014 and has been making big strides since the move including being given the "Comic Originality" award at the 2015 Comedy Guild Awards.

His style of comedy can be described as a big ball of manic energy that even his body can't keep up with.

melanie bracewell

At only 21 years old, Melanie Bracewell shot to success in comedy. She began in 2014 as the winner of the 7 Days Comedy Apprentice competition and continued impressing audiences to win the 2015 Raw Comedy Quest. Since then, she has been in hot demand, performing at events including Rhythm and Vines and was nominated for the “Best Newcomer” award for her first show in the 2016 Comedy Festival. With goofy observations and natural stage charisma, Melanie is a master of anecdotes.



paul douglas

Fresh on the professional scene and already a force to be reckoned with, Paul Douglas has performed alongside many of the local industry’s top performer’s and was voted Most Improved Comedian at the 2014 New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards. After a successful solo run at the 2014 New Zealand International Comedy Festival and guest appearances during the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival he’s growing funnier by the gig. 

A regular performer in Auckland and throughout the country you can catch him at this year’s New Zealand International Comedy Festival with his solo stand up show “The Bullshit Has Hit the Fan”.

graeme clarke

Originally from Canada, Graeme began his standup career after a series of fortunate events found him unemployed in New Zealand.
He quickly made a name for himself, with a provocative routine covering everything from Hitler’s haircut to Japanese porn.
And in 2015, just a few months after he first went on stage, he was one of 11 finalists in the 20th RAW Comedy Quest.



lana walters

Lana is a fresh on face to the NZ Comedy Scene following her success in the 2016 Raw Quest where she made the Grand final. One to watch out for!

‘..a relaxed engaging delivery style who lets the audience see deep into her personal life’- NZ Comedy Review 

inosi colavanua

Inosi Colavanua is a fresh face on his way up on the Auckland comedy scene. Channelling his Fijian flair and his natural try scoring ability Inosi will leave the crowd bedazzled and entertained.
Nominated for 2015 NZ Comedy Guild award for Best Newcomer
Runner-up in the NationalFinal of the 2016 Raw Comedy Quest