Rhythm and Vines

Waiohika Estate, Gisborne, NZ | 28-31 December 2018

WAIOHIKA ESTATE - The home of Rhythm and Vines

DECEMBER 29 - 31


STAGE: garden stage


Foley is a NZ based act formed by Gabriel Everett and Ash Wallace. Foley came together almost as a dare - a conversation about a mutual love of pop music led to an almost naive agreement between the two musicians to put their own spin on the genre.

After years of fronting separate indie bands, the pair were keen to eschew the common two-piece model of 1 vocalist and 1 producer. Songs are crafted together, 50/50; with neither party more important than the other. Lyrics, melody, themes, instrumentation, production, image - all became collaborative tasks with the end result being greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Building their catalogue for over 18 months, the duo have also formed a relationship with producers Josh Fountain (LEISURE, Thomston, MAALA) and Djeisan Suskov (LEISURE, Matthew Young, Mitch James) - trying new sounds and tearing apart old habits. Released in October, Foley’s debut single‘ Settle’ landed features on Spotify tastemaker playlists, press from the likes of Coup de Main and radio play on George FM.

Live, Foley bring an explosive presence to the stage. Having both fronted bands in the past, the duo really connect on stage and have so much built-up energy. While the tracks are produced electronically, the pair perform with live instruments to provide an energy and tangible experience that tracks can’t match.