2021 Official Ticket Resale

Depending on what type of ticket or package you have will determine where you go to list your ticket or package for sale, or head to in attempt to purchase resale tickets or packages.

Below is some information for people looking to:

  1. Sell your Ticket
  2. Sell your Package or manage your booking
  3. Buying resale tickets or packages


If you purchased any of the below ticket types, these are able to be listed for resale via your MOSHTIX ACCOUNT

  • 3 Day GA Festival Pass
  • 3 Day Vintage Club Festival Pass
  • 3 Day GA or VIP Festival Pass + Treble Camp (inc GOLD)
  • 3 Day GA or VIP Festival Pass + Sundown Camp (inc GOLD)
  • Single Day Tickets


(note: Reissue is displayed in their example, however is not available for Rhythm and Vines)


If you and your group have booked one of the 2200 Bookatent pre-setup tents at Rhythm and Vines, then you will be set up and ready to party at the largest pre-setup camping village in New Zealand and a huge step towards eliminating single-use tents at the festival.

However, if you can no longer make it, we are pleased to announce that the Bookatent portal is now live for those who need to change details on their Bookatent package.

You can now manage ticket issues such as if you spelt your name wrong 🤷🏻, you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend 😭, or simply can no longer make the festival. This can all be done via the portal and exclusive to BOOKATENT package holders.


When you purchased your Bookatent package via the Rhythm and Vines Moshtix page or the Rhythm and Vines Packages page, you would have received your BOOKATENT confirmation email that looks like the email shown here.


Once you have found your email, click on the MANAGE BOOKING button that will take you to your very own BOOKATENT portal. Here is where you can manage your booking.


The portal should confirm all the details of your package, including tent type, any package inclusions, checkin dates and times, and guest names included within the package.


Bookatent packages include the following:


  • 2 Person Pre-Setup Tent package
  • 3 Person Pre-Setup Tent package
  • 4 Person Pre-Setup Tent package


  • 2 Person Prem-Tent package
  • 3 Person Prem-Tent package
  • 4 Person Prem-Tent package
  • 2 person Glamping package
  • 4 Person Glamping package


If you have purchased one of our official Hotel or Motel packages and wish to cancel your package, email hello@rhythmandvines.co.nz and one of our Premium Services team will help you through the process. Fees apply.


The best place to go to purchase resale tickets is and will always be ➡️ rhythmandvines.co.nz/tickets.

Here you will be able to find available resale tickets or packages depending on what type you would like to purchase.

How the resale ticket system works, is once someone lists a ticket or package for resale, it will release a new ticket or package. Therefore, we recommend you check back regularly as tickets are released.

Scammers operate heavily online and we wish to ensure that we provide a safe place for people to buy and sell tickets to R&V2021. Please, do not buy tickets from strangers. THE ONLY PLACE TO PURCHASE R&V TICKETS IS FROM MOSHTIX OR RHYTHM AND VINES WEBSITE. The only exception would be Club Gisborne tickets purchased from Blitz Surf Shop, Sequence Surf Shop and BMS in Gisborne. Exclusive for locals.

Have more questions, head to our FAQS.