TREi Drops Two Epic Tracks

New Zealand drum and bass artist TREi has released two new tracks on Viper Recordings.

The single kicks off with 'Fools Rush' a call to a different kind of adventure, one with a sense of imminent danger throughout and an altogether sinister atmosphere. An ominous sample taken from The Addams Family sets the scene before the drop, an adrenaline fuelled nightmare of high-energy dance floor madness.

‘The Bends’ is a rather minimalistic track, each note carrying a formidable groove of its own. With a futuristic Wild West vibe created from the start, the track stands out for both its stimulating sound design and mastery in arrangement, giving each sound room to breathe. An elegant bridge furthers the exhilarating feel of the tune.

Both tracks are heavy hitters, staying true to his Dnb roots. They’re hectic and immersive from all angles - these new tracks are sure to find a spot in his New Years Eve set at Rhythm.

Stream the new tracks below:

Sophia Davies