Sustainability at R&V 18'

We’re always trying to find new ways of helping the environment at Rhythm & Vines. For the 2018 edition of R&V, we’re upping our game and trying our best to reduce the festival’s impact on the environment by engaging in new recycling initiatives and minimising the use of single-use plastic. 


We’re also using Parkers canned water in order to eradicate single use plastic in the festival, eliminating around 40,000 plastic water bottles. Attendees are encouraged to bring along reusable drink bottles, as water will be available throughout the festival.

This year we have replaced all of our plastic beverage containers with aluminium cans, the most recyclable and sustainable beverage container. We’re also using Globelet re-usable cups again this year, saving an estimated 100,000 single-use plastic cups from landfill.

All drinks will be served in Globelet cups or Aluminium cans - so please, reuse and recycle.  

If each R&V punter recycled one can each night, we would be able to save enough energy to offset the carbon emissions of 160 Road to Rhythm trips from Auckland.

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Speaking of trips - reduce your carbon emission by carpooling with you mates to R&V. The more, the merrier.

By reducing the amount of Road to Rhythm trips, and saving energy through the recycling of our aluminium cans, we will be able to make a huge positive change to the effect we have on the environment in 2018. 

In addition to this, we’re continuing our policy of compulsory use of bio-degradable plates and cutlery from R&V Food Vendors.

Be sure to say hello to our enviro crew and volunteers on site throughout the festival, they will be helping keep our Vines green!

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Sophia Davies