We Have 2/3 Parts of SG Lewis' Album Trilogy

Sam Lewis, aka SG Lewis made the announcement back in January that he was embarking on the process of a three step album – Dusk, Dark and Dawn, representing the three stages of a night out as an ‘ode to Club culture’. 

Dusk, phase one of three, captured funk & disco vibes and took things in a more playful direction, serving as a prelude for the moodier tone of Dark. Part two is right in the crux of things, literally the darkest time of the night. Speaking to Zane Lower he shared, “Dark represents the peak time and is representing the kind of middle of the night in the ark of this night out that I kind of follow across the concept of the album.”

Several tracks have been heard in anticipation of this release. Back in August we heard ‘Hurting’ with AlunaGeorge was the debut focus track of this EP, capturing the moody essence of the night time hours. 

After that, ‘A.A.T’ with Drew Love of R & B duo .THEY arrived. SG Lewis describes this track as ‘the missing puzzle piece’ to Dark – Love’s smooth rap verses tie in with the melodic hooks, and makes for a solid combination.

And then finally, we heard ‘Again’ with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. TEED teamed up with SG Lewis for the first track on the EP, which was released a few days ago in anticipation of Dark. Both artists shine on this one. The moody, soft synth driven track is ambient dance at its best – danceable, while still creating a soothing atmosphere. There’s a reason it was Zane Lowe’s World Record of the Day.

Every track on Dark is a collaboration. In addition to the three we’ve already heard, there’s also ‘Release’ with Dot Major of London Grammar, and ‘Dreaming’ with Brit soul singer Bruno Major, a smooth finale that ties the EP together. Capturing the dance essence of the club SG Lewis was after, Dark still establishes a strong sense of ambient mood and groove.  

He told his Facebook fans, ‘This part of the album has been the biggest experiment for me, and the challenge of pushing myself to new territory has been one of the most rewarding yet’.

Now that the Dark portion of the album is here, the third and final part to arrive is Dawn which the English producer said he’s going to pour ‘everything into’. He’s also said he wants to have the eighteen track album all tied up for the end of 2018 – so it might not be long before we have the whole trilogy.   

Listen to Dark below:

Sophia Davies