Listen to Foley's Emotional Pop Ballad 'Stranger'

Pop-modern popsters Foley have recently released their new single ‘Stranger’.

The duo shared their inspiration behind the release:

“In the complex landscape of young love, ‘Stranger’ narrates the struggle to reconcile who we are before, and after, a pivotal relationship in our history”.

Underneath the electronic infused production and pop vocals, the angst is clear - the narrative is all about how those we love can hurt us the most.

Combining their mutual love for pop music, the pair created Foley to protest the standard model of two-piece acts being pigeonholed into one vocalist and one producer. Instead, the band craft each song equally, with neither party playing a bigger role than the other.

Foley are playing at Rhythm & Vines on the 29th December. Listen to ‘Stranger’ below:

Sophia Davies