Tips for your R&V Debut

December 17, 2019


With each round of R&V a new wave of newbies wash up on our beautiful Gisborne shores, and the Waiohika Estate welcomes you with open arms. Your first time at Rhythm is a special but slightly daunting one, so we have put together some useful tips to make sure you're fully prepared, raring and ready to go for when the New Year rolls around.

Of course, read up our FAQs and if truly stuck, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.


If you're camping... Be prepared. There's nothing worse than waking up in your tent after the first night feeling like you've just been on an episode of Bear Grylls man vs wild - sleeping on the ground, no food or water, phone dead, looking a little filthy (but pretty good considering the circumstances).

So we have a couple suggestions, bring an airbed - you're spending 4 nights with us and a good sleep is critical to survive the bend, make sure you're comfortable. Don't forget your reusable water bottle - we will have free water-filling stations around the festival sight, save the environment and your money. Bring some packaged snacks - yes, we have some amazing food vendors lined up for Taste of Rhythm this year, but sometimes all you need is a pack of thai sweet chilli Doritos the next morning to aid the dust and get you on your way. A portable chargers are extremely helpful during the festival - your phone dying, and losing your mates is not the buzz.  Last but not least, keep it clean - bring along some biodegradable cleansing wipes, lip balm, moisturiser, body wash/shampoo (for the onsite showers).


Get a car load of your friends together and do the road to Rhythm together. Saves you on fuel, helps the environment, and is all together way more fun. Put together a well-curated playlist of R&V artists to get you hyped for when you arrive.


Rain or shine R&V is a guaranteed good time. But if the weather is looking wet and wild, don't pack your brand new white sneaks mum got you for Christmas. The festival site tends to get pretty muddy with a bit of rain so bring some gumboots/old shoes. If its looking hot, don't be fooled. You may be cruising around during the day getting yourself a decent tan, but when the sun goes down so does the temperature. Bring some layers and stay warm for the trip back to your tent.


If you're not staying onsite, its very easy to get sucked into the pre-party black hole and miss out on the day time/afternoon acts. Get your bus passes sorted and make sure you get out to site before the rush. Parking up under the trees at Garden, or on the hill at Vines while the sun is setting is all part of the R&V magic - don't miss it!


No man gets left behind. Look after your mates, simple as that. Sometimes phone service during the festival is a little temperamental so determine a clear meeting point with your friends, as things can turn a little crazy beyond the comfort of daylight.


Four nights (for our campers) and three days. It's going to be big, so eat, stay hydrated, get some sleep, maybe a tan, maybe a summer fling - just make sure you have enough energy for the trek home when January 1st rolls around.


Enjoy yourself. Have fun, go with the flow, meet new people, mosh with your mates and tell them you love them at midnight on the 31st, watch the first sunrise of 2020, and just take it all in. Because you know what they say... You never forget your first time.