Friction's Latest Release: Disconnected EP

September 11, 2019

Described as ‘one of the big dogs’ Friction looks set to hit dizzying new heights in his career this year as he continues to trail blaze his way through the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Friction’s ‘Disconnected EP’ bridges the gap between last years debut album ‘Connections’. Having come back to NZ shores with the album tour in May, now is the perfect time to reunite the hysteria of his worldwide DJ sets and passion for making music designed for the dance floor. The music on show here is a true representation of exactly what you’ll catch every weekend. 

As both DJ and Producer, Friction seamlessly blends influences and joins the dots between the dancefloor and the outside world. His ‘Disconnected EP’ acts as a reminder that his energy is relentless and utterly intoxicating. 

Friction’s ‘Connections’ Album release in September of 2018 was a big moment in the world of Drum & Bass. Friction set out on this album journey four years ago – a journey that at times seemed liked a distant dream. As an artist who began his production career late due to initially breaking through as a DJ opposed to a producer, it has not been the easiest road for Friction to arrive here.

With responsibilities running multiple labels, a hectic DJ schedule, being a father, and representing the voice of drum and bass on Radio One in the UK, Friction’s time spent producing his own music over the years has been sparse to say the least, and a good nights sleep has been non-existent…

Something had to give. Nearly one year ago, after six years at the helm, Friction made the decision to part ways with Radio One. It was a difficult choice leaving a role he truly loved, but one that needed to be made in order to allow him the time to focus on finishing Connections.

Check out some photos from Friction’s epic performance at R&V 2018

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