Rhythm and Vines

Waiohika Estate, Gisborne, New Zealand | 29-31 December 2017

WAIOHIKA ESTATE - The home of Rhythm and Vines

DECEMBER 29 - 31 2016

Ways to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment at Rhythm and Vines

As festival organisers, we have a responsibility to do our best to reduce our impact on the environment. From recycling, water use, energy use through to the cups, plates and perishable goods that are used throughout the duration of the festival. 

This year, we are introducing a number of initiatives to help us achieve this, including:

  • Re-usable, recyclable and collectable cups instead of plastic cups that end up going to the tip. Customers will be asked to pay $3 for their cup, which once they return, they receive $1.50 back. Or of course, you can keep the cups as their will be a limited range of R&V branded cups for you to take away.
  • Compostable plates and cutlery - this will reduce the amount of waste we take to the tip. We will separate the compostable from the general waste which in turn will reduce what we take to the tip considerably
  • Bio-degradable Eco-tents - waitlist here for a limited supply of waterproof cardboard tents that are pre-set up for your arrival. Once finished, we pack them down and store away (or recycle). 
  • Pre-Set up Eco-Tents - 4 person tents ready for your arrival. Our goal is to reduce the need to bring your own tent, which is often a cheap and nasty tent that gets left behind, ultimately adding to the waste heading to the tip.

We of course have always had our popular Hubs, Tepee and Glamping set ups, which have contributed towards reducing the problem of left over tents.

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